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Tips to get the most out of your nul conditioner bar

nul conditioner bars are formulated a little differently from others you may have tried. So we’ve put together some tips to get the best out of using your nul conditioner bar. With only COSMOS-allowed ingredients, nul conditioner bars don’t use synthetic conditioners like behentrimonium chloride or silicones. Instead, we use gentle plant-based conditioners, including one […]

solid bar tips

a collection of all our tips to make the switch to solid easier. solid shampoo tips soap storage tips solid conditioner tips cubed shampoo tips

How to get the most out of your Cubed Sets

Four shampoos in one box? What’s not to like! But because of their small size and surface area, our cute little cubes aren’t as easy to use as our full-sized shampoo bars. But there are things you can do to make it a little easier. We’ve collected some FAQs and our best tips so you […]

Tips to get the most out of your nul shampoo bar

Using your nul shampoo bar nul shampoo bars are formulated a little differently from others you may have tried. With no sulfates and only COSMOS-approved ingredients, they won’t strip your natural oils and are very gentle. This is much better for your hair and scalp in the long run but can take some getting used […]

How to store soap and shampoo bars – properly

Don’t you love that feeling when you look around your bathroom and there’s no plastic in sight? You’ve used up all your old bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap and now you’re stocked up with locally produced and environmentally-friendly products that are often handmade and beautiful. It feels good.  But then reality hits: what are […]

How to: crochet soap bags

I guess I’m one of those people you’d call a “maker.” Is it easier to purchase things? Yep. Would it take less time? You bet. But would it be as sustainable, ethical and fun? Definitely not! This is a post designed for the makers out there, or those who simply want to try something new. […]