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The new, the natural, the hanging conditioner is here!

As soon as we launched our shampoo bar, the immediate question we were asked was: “when is the conditioner bar coming??”

Well, it wasn’t so easy! We like to do things a bit differently from everyone else. We wanted our conditioner to:

  • Be 100% natural (no behentrimonium chloride – which is what most conditioner bars are made from)
  • Have a creamy consistency
  • Have a hanging loop, just like your shampoo!

At long last, our conditioner bar is now available for order on our website. It features

  • Natural conditioning agents made from fermented rapeseed oil: these give you the all-important silky tangle-free feeling, without the synthetic chemicals.
  • A creamy feel: our conditioner bar won’t foam like our shampoos, but it is creamy!
  • An embedded hanging loop: you can hang your conditioner on a hook next to your shampoo bar for easy storage and perfect drainage.
  • COSMOS-allowed ingredients: all natural and biodegradable
  • Made for different hair types: 5 options means you can find one that best suits your hair type.

If you’ve never used a conditioner bar before, check out our tips.

This is a brand new formula we developed from the ground up and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. And we’re proud to produce them here in Switzerland.

If you have any questions, let us know. Thank you for your support and we hope you like the conditioner bars!