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how do i use a nul shampoo bar?

To use our shampoo bars,

  • First, wet your hair
  • Then stroke the bar from the top of your scalp down the length of your hair in the direction of your hair growth
  • For long hair, stroke from the top of your scalp down to just below your chin. There is no need to add shampoo to the ends of your hair
  • Then put your bar to the side, and rub it into your scalp just like you would with normal shampoo.
  • Rinse thoroughly (until your hair feels squeaky clean)
  • Repeat if necessary.

how do i store a nul shampoo bar?

It’s best to store your Nul shampoo bar out of the direct flow of water to make it last as long as possible. We are currently working on a few solutions but until then we recommend the following:

  • Place on a soap dish with good drainage on a shelf somewhere out of the direct flow of water in your shower
  • Place on top of a washcloth or soap rest
  • Remove from the shower each time and place on a soap rest to drain
  • Alternatively, you can make your own crochet soap bag or purchase a handcrafted linen soap bag to hang in your shower.

We’ve written a whole post about how to store soap and shampoo bars. Check it out for more information.

will there be a transition phase?

While it may take some time for your Nul shampoo bars to get rid of silicone build-up in your hair from previous products, we don’t believe in “transition phases.” If a shampoo bar is correctly formulated, your hair and scalp should adjust to it immediately. Nul shampoo bars are pH-balanced and free of SLS, SLES, paraben, silicone, and other allergen-inducing ingredients. When you use a Nul shampoo bar, your hair should feel soft, silky, and very, very clean. If you’re having any difficulties, maybe you’re not using the right shampoo for your hair, so please get in contact with us so we can help you out.

what's the difference between a Nul shampoo bar and a hair soap?

We don’t recommend using soap on your scalp and hair. This is because the pH of soap is alkaline (8-10) and is incompatible with the acidic pH of your scalp (5.5) and hair (3.5).

The pH of your hair care products is really important. If you expose your acidic hair to an alkali pH (above 7), it raises the hair cuticle which makes it look dull, dry, and accelerates color loss in colored hair. So it’s important to look for a shampoo bar with a pH between 4.5-5.5 (like ours!). Any lower and you risk irritating your scalp, and any higher and you’ll raise the hair cuticle.

Soap can also react with hard water and leave an alkali residue on your scalp and hair in the form of calcium salt. While an acidic rinse like a vinegar rinse can combat this, a pH-balanced shampoo is a much easier way to get rid of any build-up and ensure it doesn’t come back.

If you’re looking for the convenience of a single product for your body and hair, use a pH-balanced Nul shampoo bar is your best option. While made for your hair, you can also use it all over your body.