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Soap Bars

which nul soap bar is right for me?

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which nul soap bar is best for me - scent chart

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how do i use a nul soap bar?

To use our soap bars,

  • First, wet your hands or body
  • Then lather the soap between your hands or on a washcloth/loofa
  • Then put your bar to the side
  • Use your hands/washcloth/loofa to rub the area you would like to clean
  • Alternatively, hold the soap bar in your hand and rub it all over your body
  • Rinse thoroughly (until your body and hands feel squeaky clean)

how do i store a nul soap bar?

It’s best to store your Nul soap bar out of the direct flow of water and allow for good drainage to make it last as long as possible. We are currently working on a few solutions but until then we recommend the following:

  • Place on a soap dish with good drainage on a shelf somewhere out of the direct flow of water in your shower or on your basin
  • Place on top of a washcloth or soap rest
  • Remove from the shower each time and place on a soap rest to drain
  • Alternatively, you can make your own crochet soap bag or purchase a handcrafted linen soap bag to hang in your shower.

We’ve written a whole post about how to store soap and shampoo bars. Check it out for more information.

can i use a nul soap bar for my hair?

We don’t recommend you use any soap to wash your hair. This is because the pH of soap is alkaline (8-10) and is incompatible with the acidic pH of your scalp (5.5) and hair (3.5).

The pH of your hair care products is really important. If you expose your acidic hair to an alkali pH (above 7), it raises the hair cuticle which makes it look dull, dry, and accelerates color loss in colored hair. So it’s important to look for a shampoo bar with a pH between 4.5-5.5 (like ours!). Any lower and you risk irritating your scalp, and any higher and you’ll raise the hair cuticle.

Soap can also react with hard water and leave an alkali residue on your scalp and hair in the form of calcium salt. While an acidic rinse like a vinegar rinse can combat this, a pH-balanced shampoo is a much easier way to get rid of any build-up and ensure it doesn’t come back.

If you’re looking for the convenience of a single product for your body and hair, using a pH-balanced Nul shampoo bar is your best option. While made for your hair, you can also use it all over your body.

which one is best if i have very sensitive skin?

If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend you use a Nul shampoo bar instead. While soap is an excellent cleanser, it also has a pH that’s higher than your skin (soap: 8-9, your skin: 5.5). So while it’s safe to use for people with normal skin, it can dry out and irritate very sensitive skin.

We have two excellent shampoo bars for sensitive skin, Simple and Chamomile. Both are pH-balanced and contain calming calendula. Simple has no essential oils that could irritate sensitive skin, and Chamomile only has a little Chamomile essential oil which can help to calm skin.

how are your soaps made?

We make our soaps using the natural cold-process method.

  • First, we dissolve sodium hydroxide (lye) in cold water
  • Once it has cooled down, we add it to locally-sourced Rapeseed oil and fairtrade and organic coconut oil
  • We then blend this mixture until it has fully combined and thickened
  • Then we add our mica colorants and essential oils
  • We then pour into our loaf molds and place in a warm area so the soaps “gel” (which helps to produce a harder and more vibrant bar of soap!)
  • Then we unmold, cut the soap, and leave it to cure for at least 4 weeks before labeling and putting it in stock

are your soaps anti-bacterial and anti-viral?

Soap is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, you don’t need any fancy ingredients for this. Soaps with “active” anti-bacterial ingredients are no more effective than a regular bar of soap.

Explained simply, the molecules of soap have one end that loves water, and one end that loves oil.

If you wash your hands with soap, the soap molecules act as a link between the water you’re washing with and the oil on your skin. A molecule of water joins to one end of the soap molecule and a molecule of oil joins to the other end.

When you rinse your hands, the whole lot washes off, lifting the oil off your skin and taking the bacteria with it.

It’s also an effective defense against viruses. Envelope virus particles have a protective coating of fat molecules around them. When you wash your hands with soap, the coating falls apart, destroying the virus particle.

is it unhygienic to use soap bars in a communal space?

Because soap molecules trap grease and bacteria and destroy the protective lipid layer of viruses, it’s not unhygienic to use soap bars in a communal space. Any bacterial left on the bar of soap will be washed down the drain as soon as you run it under water.